Windows 10 Activator KMSpico

Windows 10 Activator KMSpico

Welcome to our new website! Here you can find all the news and information regarding windows 10 activation processes and get support for kms software. You can also learn how to use this software for finding week spots in windows 10 activation mechanism. This information can be helpful in patching software which are using similar activation methods as windows 8/10. For this purposes the most popular tool is kmspico activator and later on we will discussing a new ways to activate your windows computers with this loader.

As you know from articles and forums threads windows 10 activation is kinda similar to windows 8 activation and this led kmspico team to create an universal windows 10 activator which by the way can activate windows 8 and even ms office too. Last news about official and legitimate windows activation process was that Microsoft decided to give limited time for the users to upgrade  “free” versions. This lasted until 2016 29th of July. But this offer currently expired so we will show some methods which helps our readers to activate their windows 10 permanently.

Instructions How to Use Activator

To Download Windows 10 Loader Press the Button Below



Activation for Students

If you are student like from a  harward university or any other university or college please check with your authorities if they can provide you a free windows OS copy. Because some teaching places allowed to do so and have special budgets related to this matter. Simply go to authorities and ask for a windows 10 license for students and see if they can get what you want. After that you just go to your device -> my computer icon and go to the properties and there you will find an activation form. Enter that windows 10 serial you got from for example university and your windows will be activated. That’s it now you can enjoy yours fully activated windows 10.


Kmspico Activation Tool

BEWARE: This tool is created to demonstrate how activation mechanism works and how to bypass it. Also to help users activate windows pc’s when they have accidentally lost their windows 10 license.

KMS tool is working fine with all computer motherboard models and BIOS so you won’t have any problems activating Windows 8/10 OS + MS Office or extending trial period for the licenses. We can say that this loader is clearly the best option available today to activate windows operating systems and office tools. Also this windows loader supports automatic updates so you will be safe in the future too. Remember YOU are responsible how you use this software or break any laws depending on where you are living! We guarantee software is fully working and it is up to you how you are going to use it.

Newest version of KMS Activator is v10.2.0 Final! 

We  will be updating this website constantly as soon as new windows loader come out you will find it here. We hope you enjoy using this activation tool and you won’t forget to like our facebook page and subscribe to youtube channel! If you find higher version of kmspico windows 10 activator than on our site it’s 100% not working. As we said the newest windows loader version will always be here!

Also remember just after installation don’t update your windows computers but first use this loader so it can activate your operating systems and after that you can download all updates. Microsoft could release security updates to detect kmspico activator but there are added some security measures to keep you all safe! Worst case scenario you have to download this activator again. There are some instructions our friend made for you to learn how to use this windows loader so enjoy!

File     : KMSpico_setup.exe
Size     : 3,08 MB
CRC32    : 683a3351
MD5      : a02164371a50c5ff9fa2870ef6e8cfa3
SHA1     : 060614723f8375ecaad8b249ff07e3be082d7f25

Note that file size is only for setup.exe only. Remember that your are also downloading portable version too which doesn’t require any setup so the file size as a whole download will be bigger. Some users note that so we are just clearing up the air. Also hash checker also can be found on our sites Useful Software section.  Good Luck!

computer after windows activation

computer after windows activation

If you have any problems with this windows 10 kms activator you can contact us any time! Also check out this article from PC World so maybe you didn’t even need windows 10 upgrade.

For contacting us use contact form or try commenting below this post. This way you will get faster response.

If you like microsoft software buy it and support developers! team

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  1. amine says:

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    Hi, i completed the offer and got your activator, Activated my windows 10 and now i have the question if now i can use updates?

  18. Leon says:

    Hello. First of all thanks for this. I’m pretty dumb when it comes to this so a couple questions. I don’t have windows 10 installed, how do i go about getting that first? And I’m assuming once I do i just do what is in the video above? Thanks again!

    • kmspico says:

      Hey, found and download windows 10 iso in torrents etc. After that fastest way is to make bootable usb driver for example with rufus program and your downloaded image. After you install windows just follow instructions at our site, cheers.

  19. stark says:

    thanks dude

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    work on W10 Creators Update?

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    Hi, i completed the offer and got your tool. Activated my windows and now i have last question – can i use windows updates?

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    it is very good work

  28. Briskethed says:

    Windows 10 Used KMS 1 year ago I think now system will not boot reports license expired. Can you tell me if there is anything I can do without reinstalling Windows 10?

    • kmspico says:

      download newest version of kmspico activator from our site and use that to activate your windows again, it should work fine

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    testing this loader

    : activated windows worked fine

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    [EDIT] Everything worked

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    thnx man worked good activated windows 10 x64

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    is it working?

    • kmspico says:

      as you can read from tons of reviews online and here on our website it is working for 99.99% of people.

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    Hi,my os is not genuine.If i use this it will activate my os?please help

  50. Liverpool in North West England says:

    Many thans for being our instructor on this matter. I enjoyed
    your own article quite definitely and most of all favored how you hsndled
    the areas I regarded as controversial. You are always rather kind towards readers
    really like me and assist me to in my living. Thank you.

  51. Ram says:

    for india it is not working… what is the issue?

  52. ArmyGuy says:

    thank you i activated my windows i wanted to ask if i reinstall windows i have to do this activation again?

  53. Steven says:

    If I use this tool, would I have to reactivate after like 30 days?

  54. jimmy says:

    Hi Sir could you please add me

  55. fsdg says:

    can’t see an error. Usually it’s best to activate windows just after installing it because microsoft keeps sending updates which are trying to patch our loader.. also try using another ve

  56. Karma Tsering says:

    Please add Bhutan

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    hi i wanted to ask a quick question. Now i activated my windows 10 with your activator and updated windows. Can i use windows updates in the future?

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    for. You’ve ended my four day lengthy hunt!
    God Bless you man. Have a nice day. Bye

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    install or portable?

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    Worked great, after i did the offer it took only a minute to download. How about updates can i use them?

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    hello kmspico team. can you add Brunei too?

  65. Linda says:

    Hello i just wanted to ask is this activation is permanent and if i could use windows updates? i just got new computer with windows 10 trial installed.

    • kmspico says:

      hi, this activation is permament as long as you don’t reinstall your windows and yes you can use updates. Have a good day

  66. Nasri says:

    add Malaysia pls

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    i cant find download button. please help

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    can i update my windows after activation? activation i think went smooth no errors nothing just one question about update..

  69. Lelo says:

    Tokens/WMI may be corrupted

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    Please add India as it is allowing download..thanks

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  72. mikomama1 says:

    21:08:06:568 Error:

    its from the autopico log

    Can anybody tell me what does this mean or how to fix it

    Win 10N still not activated

    • kmspico says:

      i can’t see an error. Usually it’s best to activate windows just after installing it because microsoft keeps sending updates which are trying to patch our loader.. also try using another version of windows like windows 10 home

  73. kasule jude says:

    hey admin, am from Uganda. please help me add my location too coz am in need of this too

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    thnx activated win 10 pro for three days already and reported back that everything is running smoothly

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    sir thanks for your program i downloaded it and activated windows 10 but now i want to know if i can use windows updates? or i should turn them off?

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    Does the activator work for Office 16 Professional?

    Thank you so much!


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    when i am trying to download it shows.. for valid participation. how it’s possible to participate?

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    a look for. You’ve ended my 4 day long hunt! God Bless you man. Have a nice day.

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    where is the download link , no download button shows on chrome or internet explorer

  88. bahman says:

    hi my firend why my system version change to enterprise while activation really why I tired plz tell me amigo tell me anyone
    my installed version latest of windows 10 1607. thak you

    • bahman says:

      i install pro version always but why change to enterprise why

      • kmspico says:

        i really don’t know what version of windows you are installing. Our activator doesn’t change windows version how can it? Download another version of windows and activate with our loader.

  89. Jeff says:

    Youtube,FaceBook,Google,Tweet are all disable in China main net.
    So download this program very difficult.

  90. daza says:

    nicely working on my old laptop tnx

  91. Ademola says:

    Morning, am in need of your help guys. My dad bought a complete pc for my sister some years back and right now she passed it onto me nd now the Os windows vista business is outdated. I bought a new software window 10 but i dont know how to install it. Pls can i get the procedure on what to do and if its been install will any of the doc,files,app on the system be removed. I need a quick response maybe direct to my email. Thanks

    • kmspico says:

      backup all your files you need and use upgrade option on windows 10

    • Steve W says:

      Well. you are in luck, as I seem to be the ONLY person in the world who knows this trick but …

      You can upgrade to Windows 10, but you either have to upgrade to Windows 7, 8 or 8.1 first, then upgrade to Windows 10.

      Of course, you have to stay within allowable version upgrade (i.e. Home to Home or above, Pro or Ultimate to Pro, etc.)

      • kmspico says:

        Upgrading for free already stopped by microsoft. Also if you install windows 10 directly you have to use activation tool for example like our if you want to activate windows..

  92. Sammy says:

    ok windows upgraded from 7 and activated with your loader but now can i use windows 10 updates or no? can microsoft track me?

    • kmspico says:

      you can update windows with no problem, microsoft won’t track you as activator disables udpates which ms use to detect activator

  93. jdogg says:

    Thank you

  94. Joseph Harris says:

    Why does windows Defender think that I downloaded harmful software after I downloaded and installed windows 10 loader kmspico thank you.

    • kmspico says:

      do you think microsoft software detects it as a friendly app? it’s 100% false positive you can try it on virtual box or freshly windows installed pc.

  95. Captain Jack says:

    that video was really helpful! after restarting my computer got my windows activated and so now i can delete these kms files i downloaded?

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    I have known that the windows loader of yours is the best on the web. My location is Dhaka, Bangladesh.
    Please, add my location and let me know the way to download it. I am really counting seconds for downloading and installing the software.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Hi, from Trinidad and Tobago, West Indies. I’m not allowed to download.
    Can you add this location?

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    i am in tanzania
    this service are unavailable to my region, please help

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    It’s amazing in favor of me to have a web page, which is useful for my know-how.
    thanks admin

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    from second time got it working on windows 10 pro.. and just a one quick question can i use windows update?

  111. Dan says:

    Not fair, can’t download In my region .. :( i know your tool is great

  112. Virtual server says:

    Hi, sam. Both methods are not bad. Because, our official windows 10 activator sucessfully supported with all the windows editions. ?? But, I recommend Do a clean windows 10 install and activate ??

  113. rikesh bohara says:

    great app to activate office and windows 10

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    nice work kms had some problems with windows 8 so now upgraded to windows 10 and used your tool thanks again

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    is this app usefull for windows 10?

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    hey man what a damn good tool huge respect for sharing it my cuz installed everything and works good!

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    hi kms thanks for your tool everything worked fine now i want to ask if i can use windows updates?

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    activation worked perfectly for my office! thanks!

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    thanks after upgrading got error and had to rewrite windows again but then they required cd key and i activated them with no problem!

  124. windows10 says:

    Hey guys! our site was taken down by g-o-o-g-l-e in request from MS but we recover it and will be giving you KMS Loader again!

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    again thanks for amazing activator, just activated another copy of windows 10!

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    Das ist good! Everything worked just fine! thanks you guys and greetings from Germany!

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    Got a little bit frustrated to download this loader but after that everything worked just great! thanks KMS :)

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    Can someone tell me if its better to install win7, activate it with this and then do the free win10 upgrade.
    Or can I do a clean win10 install and activate it.

    Wich one do you recommend?

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    thanks had some problems in the past but now with this kmspico activator everything works just great and i can update my windows too! thanks again

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    Yeah It Works….!

  149. Andy_mochdre says:

    I have a tablet with uefi with bios OEM product code turns out supplier re using this key and MS have blocked it! Supplier now unavailable :\ install log says ‘key found on msdm : -DV63Q KMSpico runs and then closes saying ‘Nothing to do’ can I bypass using oem product key?

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  151. Christian says:

    Hi i have a windows 8.1 that was activated with the other versions of your program, is there a problem if i upgrade to windows 10??

  152. abdullah says:

    Thanks you very much

  153. Nostradamus says:

    Work ;-) but i have one question … why youre program connect with network ? And secend question – can I delete this program after activation? I wait for answer, bye.

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    Does this way of activating have any disadvantage over upgrading from windows 7 with Daz activator?

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    thank you so much! it has worked automatically when i downloaded the v10.1.8 version, and i found it fantastic. thank you so much again! one last thing to ask, for how long will it stay activated without interuption? and what about contacting microsoft for updates and other services, will i face a problem or will microsoft deny me the prrvileges?

  165. razor says:

    thanks man activator worked great! i had problem after upgrading from windows 7 that my windows were without serial key somehow..

  166. alaom says:

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  167. fish says:

    hello there! could you please help me with this kms activater installation? i have recentely downloaded your activater file(KMSPico 10.0.9.exe) to activate my win10, but its giving an error message saying- “Network error(-2146697211) encountered, install aborted.” what should i do? if you should know i didnt download the file on my laptop, i downloaded it on my cellphpne and copied to my computer. i look forward for your reply. thanks!

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  174. nulled says:

    Legit a little bit tricky download but working fine after upgrade somehow i didn’t have an activated win 10 maybe because i installed them from flash but this tool did the trick. Thanks

  175. Nicko says:

    Das is good, working just fine activated w7 x64 but had to download new version of windows..

  176. hendry says:

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  182. Nowice says:

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  183. hari says:

    I am running genuine window 7 with pirated microsoft office. I tried to upgrade to window 10 but my pirated microsoft office not longer can use. I wish to install back from my hardisk but showed this app is not compatible to window 10. What can I do? I should download and activate my microsoft office using KMS in window 7 first before I upgraded to window 10 or how?

  184. gunner says:


  185. songpon says:

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  186. dechen says:

    windows 10 is very complicated to activate.

  187. orre says:

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    Merci beaucoup

  189. Nismo says:

    just few minutes back upgraded to windows 10 and got some error maybe that i wrote it from flash.. But now with this activator everything is working fine! Thank you so much!

  190. odeya says:

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  191. fvdvsfs says:

    it will work but you could also download windows 7 and upgrade to 10 using loader

  192. nasrinaini says:

    yes good actvator

  193. Boyd peters says:


  194. doctorock says:

    If I download a windows 10 copy from and I have no serial key…can I still activate it with KMS? When I install the fresh windows image i need some serial key?or i use the activate later box? thx in advance

  195. Epsik says:

    Works! many on interent, first one to work w/o problems

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    working good as of 2015 09 08

  206. Finnick says:

    I am running genuine window 7 with pirated microsoft office. I tried to upgrade to window 10 but my pirated microsoft office not longer can use. I wish to install back from my hardisk but showed this app is not compatible to window 10. What can I do? I should download and activate my microsoft office using KMS in window 7 first before I upgraded to window 10 or how?

  207. zakjjj says:

    thank u

  208. Ninja says:

    windows seems to be activated all working fine thanks!

  209. Sheila says:

    Yay! Thank You So Much ;) Na activate ko din sya sa wakas :)

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    ok funziona

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    good nd thanx

  213. Nerimuka says:

    finally found a working version..instructional video is self explanatory and activator is working fine, thanks again kmspico

  214. fukushima says:

    ok guys you may have some problems downloading i downloaded from second time but after that i got this activator and everything worked just fine! thanks kms team

  215. Ben kofi says:

    love it so cool

  216. shiuvc kant pandey says:

    it works chutiya in windows 10 enterprise

  217. gabe says:

    can you give me , product key for windows 10 64 bit pro, please ?

  218. Hello says:

    Work good

  219. christian says:

    Works :D

  220. ajubacom says:

    It’s very great to found your activator for won 10! thank’s a lot.

  221. mario says:

    does it work?

  222. No Way says:

    No way activation really works! thnx

  223. Zamri says:

    If I reformat my pc, is it possible for me to activate using this tools? Or I have to upgrade from win 7 activate by daz loader?

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    Does it work?

  225. MrRobot says:

    Dang my man! worked like a charm! i owe you one!

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